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Big Little Lies

Hi guys, so HBO has just come out with their new series, Big Little Lies, based on the Liane Moriarty novel. Which reminded me that I’ve had that book on my kindle since this summer and never read it. So I binged and now I have to talk about it 🙂


I will admit I did watch the first episode of the show. That’s because I knew that certain actresses were playing these characters and wanted to get a good feel for personalities and I’m glad I did. The worst thing ever is when you have a very specific idea of a certain book character and then later watch the movie or show and the actor ends up being nothing like the character in your head. And then the movie/show and sometimes even book are all a little ruined because all you can think about is how terrible that actor is for that character! So back to the show, I think HBO cast it PERFECTLY!! While reading the book and getting deeper and deeper into the personalities and quirks of each woman, I can already see how these actresses are going to nail their characters (Ha! Coming from somebody who has no idea what they are actually talking about!).

Okay, now back to the book! My favorite thing about it was the quick wit and humor! It’s a murder mystery/who done it story which is great but I personally loved how comical the whole story was. I laughed out loud several different times. But the book did have some darker real life situations between school age kids, mothers, friendships and marriages – real stuff. I appreciated that. Makes you think, and laugh 🙂

Madeline’s character was probably my favorite. I feel like she’s the most relate-able character and she has a past that a LOT of women will identify with. And I’m kind of in love with her husband, Ed! But that’s another post. The other women have aspects of their lives that register but those characters have pretty dramatic stories, and maybe I’m a bit sensitive but it was a little hard to read at times. It’s funny how I can watch things like Game of Thrones and compartmentalize it as fantasy, yet with books such as Big Little Lies it’s a lot harder to read much less graphic scenes. Even though it’s a fictional book, the situations that these women are in are very real situations for a lot of women and I think that was always in the back of my mind while reading. Am I confusing you yet? I’m confusing myself now.

I definitely saw the ending coming. Like, I totally knew how the bullying issue would end up. And as far as who was murdered, I was really close! I had it narrowed down to two people by the end and thought that either person A murdered person B, or person B murdered person A – however there was a third person who I didn’t see coming. In hindsight, DUH! They totally would be a murderer! Kind of… you’ll get it once you read it! Bottom line is, go read this book!!! Preferably before you watch the show. Because books.

Now I’m off to watch episode 2! Yes, it’s out on demand already, yippee!